How To Make Your Airport Travelling More Enjoyable

If you tend to travel a lot, then you are probably not a great fan of waking up long before dawn and standing on a lengthy line with heavy bags. With the TSA regulations and overpriced food nowadays, flying has become less glamorous as compared to the old days. However, with a few tips, you will be able to enjoy your flight experience.

One way to make your flying experience simpler is packing carry-on. As a general rule, you should pack everything you think you need and then cut that pile by half. Depending on how long your travel will be, you probably won’t need all that luggage. By minimizing your baggage to a carry on will save you a lot of time at check-in and baggage claim.  I remember the time that my friends picked me up in a party bus for my birthday (thanks, Had I needed to make everyone wait if I had luggage, I would have felt horrible, but thankfully, just the carry-on was all I had. And so the party commenced. ;>

When it comes to air travel, the biggest factor that will determine your travel time is layovers. A layover will cost you a lot of time and could be the difference between you getting where you intend in time or not. It would be advisable to go for an airline that has a major hub between your arrival and departure cities. If you can get a direct flight, the better. They may cost you more, but they may help you skip an 18 hour layover in a noisy food court.

If you have the option of choosing your seat, it is better if you choose the seat closest to the boarding door. This is especially important for those travelling internationally. The last thing you would want after waiting for 500 people to leave a plane is to be the last person in a line at customs.

Time tends to fly when you are having fun. While many planes may have in-flight entertainment, it may not always be the case. You can drown out the noise using noise cancellation headphones and some music or a movie on your device.