Three Things Your Seatmate Doesn’t Want You To Buy At The Airport

There are many people who buy food when they are at the airport and they don’t give much thought to the person they will be sitting next to. While it is your appetite and you should have the free will to eat what you like, common courtesy should be considered when making food selections. Here are three items you should never grab when you are getting on a plane.

Foods Containing Peanuts
There are far too many passengers out there who are allergic to peanuts that it is a wonder they are even sold at the airport. Yes, you are the one eating the nuts, but did you know there are some people who have negative reactions from even being too close to someone else who is consuming them? Being on a plane is a temporary situation, so there is no reason that you cannot wait until you land to satisfy your craving for kung pao.

Pungent Foods
Fish, onions, garlic and other foods with strong odors may taste great, but how do you think someone feels when they are trapped next to someone in a tight space and this is all they can smell? You may not find the aroma overwhelming, but you should definitely think about those around you before biting into a sardine sandwich.

Gassy Foods
There are certain foods that create gasses that can be quite offensive. When you are getting on a plane, you should never eat these items. Foods that tend to make people gassy include beans, broccoli and dairy products.

The next time you’re in the airport and you’re hungry, there are likely to be plenty of items you can grab. If you want to be respectful to others on your flight, avoid the items mentioned here.