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A Few More Airport Travelling Tips

Airport travelling can be a fun experience as long as you plan a few things in advance. This is especially important if you are travelling with some children or if your trip includes a few hours of layover at an airport.

Download the official app of the airport where you will have to spend time or visit their official website. This is a good way to find out more about the stores, restaurants and amenities offered. You should consider purchasing a one-time pass to access premium amenities such as a VIP lounge if you have to spend several hours waiting for a flight.
Bring something to keep you entertained. Having to wait in an airport can be an occasion to catch up on your reading or to watch your favorite show. Continue reading A Few More Airport Travelling Tips

Three Tips To Make Airport Traveling More Comfortable

Are you planning on taking the plane to travel? If your trip includes any stops, you might end up having to spend a few hours in an airport. Having to wait in an airport is not as bad as it sounds – as long as you prepare for this layover.

Charge all your electronics before leaving. Airports have power outlets but you will have to share them with other passengers, which means you might not be able to fully charge your laptop or Smartphone. Purchasing some spare batteries for your devices is definitely worth it if you travel a lot.

Wear comfortable clothes and invest in a good travel pillow. Spending some time around an airport is not too bad as long as you can be comfortable. Airports have plenty of seats and waiting areas but you might not be able to find a comfortable spot if several flights are delayed due to weather. Wear comfortable clothes you can sleep in and keep an additional set of comfortable clothes in your carry on luggage in case you have to change. Continue reading Three Tips To Make Airport Traveling More Comfortable

Helpful Airport Traveling Tips

Did you know that there are millions of people who fly each day? Because of this, the lines are getting longer and the airport experience can be more hectic than ever. When you have some of the best airport traveling tips in your arsenal, you will be able to breeze through your airport experience and get to where you need to be with little or no hassle.

Midweek Travel
If you are hoping to get into the airport when it is less crowded, look for midweek flights and save money. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually the best days to book as they happen to be the most unpopular for traveling. Continue reading Helpful Airport Traveling Tips

Three Tips For Making It Out Of The Airport Alive

There are some people who fly often and have no problems, yet others look at the airport as one of the more horrifying things they have to deal with. If you are travelling soon and you would like to know how to brave the airport, the following tips will offer all the insight you need.

Always arrive at the airport earlier than your scheduled departure. Ideally, you should allow at least one hour to get all checked in and safely at your gate. It used to be common for people to cut things a bit closer, but random inspections and issues at the security checkpoints can create delays. Getting there early means you can handle this and still get to your plane on time. Continue reading Three Tips For Making It Out Of The Airport Alive

How To Travel When You Are Sick With A Cold

Common colds are unpleasant, but traveling while you have a head cold can be miserable. If you have had to fly while having a head cold, you are aware how uncomfortable you can feel during the entire flight. Sinus pressure can be very painful, and it can also cause damage to your ears.

Although it would be best to stay home when you are sick, that is not always the most ideal choice. Your symptoms can easily last up to a week, and while some airlines will allow you to book your flight for another time, many do not provide any type of recourse for sick travelers.

If you are sick with a head cold and must fly, there are some suggestions that can help you get through the flight.

Keep Hydrated
It is critical that you remain hydrated when you are not feeling well. Fluid will keep you from getting dehydrated, and it will also help to keep the mucus thin and unclog your nose. The lack of humidity in airplanes can add to the problem and keep the body from being able to remove germs and toxins.

Continue reading How To Travel When You Are Sick With A Cold

Three Things Your Seatmate Doesn’t Want You To Buy At The Airport

There are many people who buy food when they are at the airport and they don’t give much thought to the person they will be sitting next to. While it is your appetite and you should have the free will to eat what you like, common courtesy should be considered when making food selections. Here are three items you should never grab when you are getting on a plane.

Foods Containing Peanuts
There are far too many passengers out there who are allergic to peanuts that it is a wonder they are even sold at the airport. Yes, you are the one eating the nuts, but did you know there are some people who have negative reactions from even being too close to someone else who is consuming them? Being on a plane is a temporary situation, so there is no reason that you cannot wait until you land to satisfy your craving for kung pao.

Pungent Foods
Fish, onions, garlic and other foods with strong odors may taste great, but how Continue reading Three Things Your Seatmate Doesn’t Want You To Buy At The Airport