6 Secrets To A Successful Airport Travelling Lifestyle

If you’re a frequent flier or even someone who seemingly lives on the road, then knowing a few secrets about airplane travel can make your life in motion considerably less stressful. If your lifestyle is one that involves constant airport travelling, keep reading to learn a few tricks you might not know.

1) Know which airports are hubs. Most major airlines have at least one major hub that a lot of their flights pass through. Knowing which airports are whose hubs can make it a lot easier to plan trips because you know what the biggest airline is at each airport.

2) Arrange transportation ahead of time. Getting a shuttle or limousine is your best bet. I always go with the highest reviews on Google Plus.

3) Never pack clothes that only go with one outfit. If you need your suitcase and its enclosed wardrobe to stretch as long as possible, then try to pack only clothes that you can mix and match to form a variety of outfits.

4) Look up the airports and what’s inside of them in advance. Knowing what the restaurant possibilities are before you land or even take-off gives you more control over your diet on the road. Finding airports with hotels inside, attached or nearby can meaning splitting a long trip into an evening flight, a short night’s rest, and then another early flight. Sleep in a real bed instead of taking a red eye.

5) Pack clothes for all seasons. Depending on where you are travelling, the weather and climate can change very quickly. While there are limits to how far this can go usually, a seasoned travel is as ready for a midnight swim as he is a snowball fight. You don’t always know when you’ll be staying in a hotel with an indoor heated pool, even in winter.

6) Don’t always take direct flights. Sometimes flights that connect through your target city are cheaper than the direct flight. If you are flying from Miami to Detroit, a direct flight might be $800, but if there’s a Miami-to-Toronto route that transfers in Detroit for $650, buy that one and then just skip the connecting flight to Toronto. This tactic drives airlines nuts, but there’s not much they can do about it when the numbers line up right.

If you live your life from airport to airport, use these six secrets to travel with far less stress than before.