Airplane Etiquette For The Airport Traveling Lifestyle

Unfortunately, some people do not display airplane etiquette no matter how often they take to the sky. It may just be that common respect and courtesy are tossed to the side when people have to deal with flight delays, flight cancellations, exorbitant baggage rates and long lines. However, some people are not aware of the etiquette or just do not care. If you are guilty of being less than courteous while traveling on an airplane, there are some tips you can begin to implement in your future travels.

Do Not Take Over The Overhead Area
Most people use the overhead space these days in order to prevent paying high baggage fees. They are now boarding planes with one carry-on bag and one personal bag. Passengers have to share this space, so it is best to know the rule.

Generally, the carry-on bag is to be placed in the overhead compartment and personal bags should be placed under seats.

Keep The Boarding Area Clear
With a limitation on overhead space, many passengers have started crowding the area for boarding minutes and even hours ahead of schedule in an attempt to secure the overhead space for their carry-on bag. However, this type of activity can slow down the process and can even delay the departure of a flight.

This also means that those who need assistance may not be able to navigate the crowd so they can board the plane. So, just relax and do not crowd the boarding area two hours before your flight is scheduled to leave.

Respect The Restroom Facilities
It is common to have a small window of opportunity to use the restroom during a short flight, and many people may need to use the restroom during this time. Keep the line moving by using the restroom in a timely way. Do not leave the restroom a mess; clean up after you are finished.

These are a few refresher tips that you can consider when you are trying to maintain airplane etiquette. Enjoy the ride and be confident in knowing that you were not the cause of any issues before or during the flight.